December 2012 Demo

by Mystery Date

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We recorded this in one take on a tape player with our friend Geoff who is playing bass on these tracks. We were all in really silly moods.


released April 14, 2013

Bella - Vocals
Rosie - Drums
Geoff - Bass
John Nolan - Mystery Date ~*~*super fan*~*~



all rights reserved


Mystery Date Tallahassee, Florida

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Track Name: Han Yolo
What is this, some superstition
What is this some inquisition
I don't love you and
you don't love me and
either way I'm fucked 'cause you can see right through me
Our love was like the ocean
Moderate to light chop
When the waves start sinking
I don't know when to stop
Believe it or not you're not that big a deal,
Believe it or not you're not that big.
What is this, some supposition
What is this, an investigation
I don't need you and
you don't need me and
either way you're fucked 'cause you believe in nothing
I know I won't forget you
I know, how could I forget you?
I know I won't pretend
I won't pretend we never met.
Track Name: Kelly Clarkson
Another old dress
one of your old friends
like smoking and dyeing your hair black
Thought you wouldn't go back
Pleistocene scarab
Fossils are dead
They can't adapt
I know we are not the best
with numbers, lovers, heart attacks
Where is the muscle you are known in my heart for?
I want the gristle and bite back.
Stop waiting, stop giving
stop holing up and shrinking into
The bed where you made me, A.D.
It hurts not to recognize you.
So hate me, I'm not kidding
It wouldn't be a good laugh anyhow
so hate me, I'm not angry
I'll be outside picking flowers when you're done.
Track Name: Crazy Girl
Your voice smiles in my ear
you're so tangled up in my laugh
poison, poison's what you get when you love and then lie
and I can't wash my hands of you
Well there's so many people in this crazy world
and it's only right that I'm your crazy girl.
Cute Little Redhead on my bed
crazy old woman and witchy cat
Poison, poison's what I get but I sleep it all off
and I can't wash my hands 'cause I'm out.
Track Name: Weird Love
Weird, your love is weird
I never was so particular
but now, you should not feel anymore
I won't talk about you
Weird, your heart is weird
I never ask about your circumstance
but now you should not dress
like a whore
don't get the wrong idea
The time is not now, the place is not here,
so what do we do and where?
I give it up.
Now, I don't know how
if you were another, would it be any different?
For how long?
Forgive the bad about you
Full moon shake ups, werewolfin because you are weird
and your love is weird
I never ask any questions.
Track Name: Turtle Dove
Oooh, your life is so hard, your skin is so rough like a turtle dove.
Ooh, you're better than good, I knew that you could you domestic rabbit.
Yeah, biting at the bit, too silly to quit, flowerlike unfold
What do you take me for? You get a kick out of it, I know.
Oooh, electrical grid, I'm not plugged in so I guess I don't get it.
Oooh, stitch it up quick, these patches are sick, american artists.
Yeah rodeo inside, some witless divide center of our people
What do you take me for? I know that I am hard to read, but still you can be sure
Just like we have a right to breathe and scream it all the more
One day you'll find me scraping sand off the bloodied floor
anesthetize me